human driven

Who cares? We do. After partnering with us, your customers and the market will too. Matter. 

Just what the world needed, another marketing anything. We are more than that, and so are you.

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faith fueled

We are a team of Christ followers who happen to be gifted with doing Marketing.

Human driven, faith fueled. Not robot driven, but we do appreciate AI. 

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marketing that matters

VERB is for the builders, makers, dreamers, and doers. We are all about human-to-human (H2H) interaction.  

Our energy is driven by people & ideas, and fueled by our faith, business expertise, and thought leadership.

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Who we are...

The VERB Consulting Group is a full service human driven marketing strategy and business management firm headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. We aim to delight clients and enchant customers. Our faith based team brings organizations and brands alive by instigating meaningful engagement, provoking movement through pivotal growth strategy aligned to team goals, and verbal & visual identity tools.

We’re renowned for strategically partnering as experienced subject matter experts on identifying methods to impact scale, and brand artists & scientists who provide creative insights that deliver original ideas relevant for: Growth Marketing, Business Management & Alignment, Go-To-Market efforts (Commercialization & Distribution), Leads, Content, Communications, Design, Public and/or Community Relations, and Digital (Web) & Social Media.

Our influencer tactics are born from the proprietary "dig"​ approach, and "IMMERSION"​ process. From start-ups to Fortune 500's, public to private companies, small to mid-sized organizations, cause related and non-profits, VERB is positioned to build business impact with customer focus, brand transformation, and marketing strategies that grow your business, team, and nudge culture.

human driven. faith fueled.

Core Principles

How we be our battle-cry of bringing brands alive, and are your adventurous business partner as brave hands, feet, and heart through sleeve rolled & bootstrapped action.

  • Human to Human (H2H) posture
  • simple clarity
  • passionate empathy
  • intentional listening
  • clear thinking problem solving
  • relationship driven
  • delight and enchant
  • customer's customer first attitude
  • work hard & celebrate well


"Check, check, microphone check. This is your once in a lifetime business opportunity. We are a huge multinational corporation for your business needs of management, financial portfolios, insurance, computers, R&D, black leather gloves, and security. Putting in the man hours of the science of what you need.". We won't put liquid paper on a bee, but may bust out a hip-hop video from time to time. Hey, if that delights & enchants customers, it will work! We are not crazy, so relax. There's a fine line of fuzziness between genius and crazy. We like to spice things up. This is a reference the movie Step Brothers. If you haven't seen it, watch it. If you don't like it - we will require large doses of grace to be friends. PS We have a heartbeat in our finger. #namethatepicholidayfilm #friendtestnumbertwo



Smarketing. Developing strategies that drive relationships tapping into the human desire of connectedness. We achieve this through diverse perspectives and dynamic marketing solutions.  Planning that energizes your culture, people & business growth.

  • dig + IMMERSION
  • Marketing & Business plans
  • Go to market | commercialization
  • Fortune 10, 500, 5,000 to start-ups
  • New products & services
  • Causes | Non-profit | NGO
  • University, College, or School
  • Government | Municipalities
  • Manufacturing or Industrial, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG or FMCG), Automotive, Medical, Hospitals, Health & Fitness, Transportation, Aviation, Churches, Equipment, Engineering & Design, Consultancies, Sole Proprietorships
  • Check it - we leverage VERB labs for speculative, goodwill, or equity via Gapstow Ventures, say hi




Global experiences for defining your purpose, and sharing the essence of why you exist beyond making money through our Brand Artists & Scientists. 

  • Phase one insights | Continuous discoveries | dig | IMMERSION
  • Brand Essentials | Purpose defined
  • Brand Promise
  • Brand Experience
  • Brand Architecture | Structure & Mapping
  • Brand Pulse & Ethos
  • Verbal Identity
  • Impressions | Manifestos
  • Spark Marks | Ah-ha's
  • Naming | Nomenclature 
  • Brand Activation | Movement
  • Brand Voice & Personality
  • Brand Revitalization | Re-surge 
  • Integration plans | Merger and Acquisition brand integration
  • Unique positioning strategies
  • Brand collateral | style guides, logos, product graphics, company imagery, compelling visuals 




Human driven engagement that amplifies the voice of your brand and business through meaningful, relevant, and attention garnering mediums. Brand movement via human engagement with content that matters.

  • Battle-cry | Amplified
  • Storytelling | Delight + Enchant
  • Campaigns
  • Announcements
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media
  • Web content  |  SEO friendly
  • Creative content development
  • Newsletters
  • Case studies & Briefs
  • White papers
  • Infographics
  • Winning examples | Customer success stories




Strategery. Whether pulling a 180, long-term planning, or short term wins - allow VERB be your dedicated business GPS via our proprietary "dig" approach + "IMMERSION" process.

  • Brand assessments & growth plans
  • Overall alignment & synergies
  • Ground-up | new brand
  • Existing | revamp or overhaul
  • Timeline and schedules
  • Competitive benchmarking & analysis
  • General business advisory
  • Declarations | where you play
  • Customer engagement & process
  • Sales process | analysis
  • Innovation platforms
  • dig approach | IMMERSION process