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BT Cycle founder, owner, and CEO Brian Tome created a part for his BMW GS 1200 motorcycle that addressed malfunctions, specifically the separation and crimping failure in the front upper stanchions (forks). This “Stanch Clamp” was designed, engineered, developed, and produced.

Once he began sharing his invention, people were interested. Now, how to market, scale, license, patent, build, and grow awareness – as well as protect his liability and patent pending product? This is where VERB stepped in!

As fellow adventure riders and BMW GS enthusiasts, our team was immediately drawn to these initiatives, and also the urgent situation of providing a part to market that increases safety, survivability, and reduced failure of accidents related to the front end of the motorcycle, specifically the upper stanchions (forks). Simply, this part can save lives. Hence, our attention to moving quickly.

Not only was there a need for product marketing support, but overall strategy for the BT Cycle business, and part branding, communications, and strategy needed to be leaned into for proper advancement of efforts.


Team VERB noticed the innovation that BT Cycle had created. They had accomplished the hard part, solving a problem in market related to adventure motorcycle riding to where this part had legs to create real value.

What wasn’t there was a clear message and voice to the business “BT Cycle”, or clarity on the “Stanch Clamp” product. VERB ran them through the “dig + IMMERSION” process, provided marketing items such as a product flyer, business description, press release, letter of legal notice for a copycat, provisional patent submission, social media presence, feature & benefit messaging.

Also, how to generate awareness in market, business development, and commercialization of the product was needed. With that, the marketing and communications built out aligning to their identity was leveraged to infuse this information into the strategic business development and outreach work for growth.

Overall, a fully integrated marketing approach for total solutions from positioning to messaging, content to web, and business strategy to expediting growth initiatives were provided.


A partnership around scaling for growth through these items was formed with BT Cycle and VERB. Items delivered to assist in building the business growth strategy, product marketing, and engaging the market were:

Brand Identity: VERB’s brand identity assessment, utilization of logo, slogan (tagline: “Ride safe. Adventure loud!” established, graphics and visuals reflecting the vibe and essence of their business & product, PR, original branded content, and positioning for on and offline engagement.

Strategy: Business and brand assessments, dig + IMMERSION process applied, general business council on purpose, customer engagement, go-to-market (commercialization), sales, and marketing overall.

Materials: Product flyer, press release, legal letter, patent paperwork and write up’s for protection of invention, technical product information, items for addressing copycats, and installation support & direction information.

Product testing: Utilization of resources and connections to validate the quality and reliability of the “Stanch Clamp” through Mechanical Shock, Thermal Shock, X-ray, and other military grade rigorous testing to verify the part can withstand various pressure, friction, temperature, jarring, and other environments for successful field operating performance with rugged durability in tough environments.

Digital: Online presence through Facebook company page, SEO support, images, content, original branded content, offers, advertisements, and fully integrated marketing approach for on and offline interaction. URL/domain strategy & registration, and overall online presence and positioning & postings to drive the right traffic the right way.

Intellectual Property (IP) protection: marketing, legal, messaging, communications, provisional patent write up and submission partnership, liability language, and technical product assessment & testing

Business Development: Generation of online interest and traffic which translated into immediate increase in direct order sales, content and information for awareness and consumer insights, customer engagement collateral and digital assets, and engagement with distributors, dealers, OEM’s, and Tier 1 manufacturers – including BMW Motorrad strategy to scale and grow this proprietary part.

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BT Cycle received dozens of inquiries immediately after the revamping of their messaging, defining their voice, and updating their online presence. This translated into sales, and quadrupling of web traffic.

Within a couple weeks, from digging in, listening, conversations, assessments, and more – BT Cycle was provided with strategic marketing, branding, communications, and overall business advisement to define their mission and purpose, improve their go-to-market approach, and scale their invention for growth.

Through connecting BT Cycle with VERB’s network of Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineers, Legal advisement for liability & patenting, addressing infringement of copycats in market, and patent attorney, in tandem with providing marketing, branding, communications, and strategic partnership – the “Stanch Clamp” product is poised for growth in market related to sales, but even more importantly – for availability to customers to increase safety, survivability, and reduced failure while adventure riding.

Creating and organizing the marketing and communications, as well as positioning BT Cycle’s “Stanch Clamp” with clarity allowed for connection to distributors, BMW Motorrad, potential licensing, and increased direct sales in market for this patent pending product. From online traffic and crowd sourcing, content and graphic development, advertising, web, social media, market insights, niche ADV forums, word of mouth, and other moving parts of the marketing puzzle solved – we provided a fully integrated marketing solution that aligned to the overall business objectives and values.


“These guys are machines! I made this part, but was struggling with next steps. Brian Siegel and the VERB team stepped in and helped me navigate the various business terrain. They provided clarity, moral and marketing support, and delivered in an ultra-response manner. They proactively educated me on the process, how to position my brand, address competition and even copycats, protect my invention, have a great starter-kit for marketing my business & product brand. They overwhelmed me in a positive way with their abilities, resources, and connections. I’ve been impressed at their vast and in-depth knowledge of marketing, branding, and communications, as well as the strategic business side around going to market, distribution, customer engagement, manufacturing, testing, and even patenting!”  – Brian Tome, Founder & Owner, BT Cycle


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