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Convergys, a global leader in customer and information management software and services, sought to bolster their position in market, arm sales with compelling collateral, and enhance their brand awareness to current and potential B2B clients. They were also seeking to bolster their appeal as a business to potential investors.


Digging into the Convergys history, current perception, and future vision for growth via IMMERSION – Siegel leveraged focus groups, internal interviews, market and competitive intelligence, and client testimonials to formulate refreshing messaging, materials, digital, and brand identity.


Who likes to be ‘managed’? This was the proposition that Siegel challenged Convergys to marinate over regarding the direction of their identity in a more human driven approach. To bring their brand alive, s|i submitted the ideation to be respectfully relevant to their core services – but to step slightly tangent to the curve and share how they’re ‘relationship driven’, not just managers. Being relationship driven can be defined as inspiring interactive and engaging experiences during the moments that matter for the global B2B leader’s clients, and the customers that utilize the platforms they leverage.

This premise and positioning of being “relationship driven” generated focus on being relevant to this concept. Siegel defined and segmented Convergy’s work in the Telecommunications, Cable, and Utilities markets and brand comprehensively via six words: “relationship driven, technologically innovative, problem solvers”. This messaging, in tandem with actionable intelligence verbiage and words to infuse into their content was provided.

One of the insights gained was that Convergys clients not only believed in their services, but one of the primary purposes they chose and also are loyal to their company is because of their people. This notion was not present in their marketing, so ideation around being relationship driven through their stellar services, but also the amazing people on their team was amplified.


Siegel gets it. They engaged our teams and were a genuinely engaged partner in our goals. The ideas proposed, tangibles delivered, and work provided were game changers for our sales, marketing, and communications teams to better connect with current and potential clients.

This helped us earn business, share our brand with enhanced understanding, and inspired more interaction with customers with the dynamic deliverables ranging from writing, interviews, copy, articles, case studies, digital, web, social media, design, and creative work.” – Convergys Leadership


Launched and led their Client Reference Program providing insights, analytics, market intelligence, presentations, materials, and collateral to boost compelling stories and examples of work

Human driven branding video, “SmartLife”, sharing the comprehensive services and capabilities of Convergys focus on helping customers be in tune with ways to invest in growth via their smart solutions (Brainstorming, Ideation, Interviews, Copy, Storyboarding, Voice, Design, Transitions, Music, Creative, Positioning, Editing, Proofing, and Direction)

Twelve Case Studies showcasing the dynamic abilities of the Convergys company and team with client work, results, and quotes along with improved layout and design – prior to this, an average of three to five case studies were completed annually – we provided twelve in less than six months

Digital and social media content, links, articles, and SEO provided

More than one-hundred briefs (one page examples) of client work, solutions, and impact created and shared globally in NA, EMEA, LATAM, and APAC – as well as presentations assembled for client meetings to better connect during pitches for current account upgrades, new business, and RFP’s

Online resource created working with international agency to develop a hub for case studies, briefs, insights, and client materials so sales and marketing teams could utilize for various needs

Enhanced messaging and brand identity strategized around moving from managing relationships and talking/working at businesses – and transformed into being relationship driven, technologically innovative, problem solvers working as a strategic partner with businesses to improve the experience their client’s customers have

Updated facts about Convergys performance or “factoids” put together for teams •    Interviews, focus groups, and cross-functional team engagement led to learn insights from relevant and diverse sources

Vision 2020+ Plan infusing insights for brand expansion provided from learning obtained from work to assist in infusing not only survivability – but sustainability strategies into the DNA of their organization

*Note: One of their goals was to improve their brand to be more appealing to potential investors or for acquisition. Early in 2012 it was announced that their Information Management Group (the primary division we served) was acquired by NEC. That being said, we were part of helping make this purchase happen.


Brand Video

Case Studies and briefs