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heartprints sought to improve the lives and opportunities of youth and families. Instead of continuing to listen to the pattern of schools blaming home, home blaming teachers, teachers blaming government, and government blaming budget – heartprints respectfully elbowed and aligned their way into the system to make a positive difference. They interjected into the process to better connect to the community and organizations for support.

Siegel interviewed, diagnosed, and dissected where they had been, where they are, where they’re going, and what they believe. Once the IMMERSION process was implemented, then delivered results, the innovating creative process produced numerous winning results.

An eye candy yet meaningful logo was established that could exist with and without text for resonating presence. Color scheme of red, white, and grey were chosen, in tandem with the arial font for brand consistency. A website, social media, articles, factsheets, flyers, business cards, and other collateral were produced to apply the message of how heartprints is making significant impact through “diminishing educational poverty” through mentoring, jobs, and outreach focus areas. This in tandem with refining their purpose through concise decisioning to assist five after school programs, partner with the Y, and solidify their approach has improved the ability for others to understand their mission. If people can quickly grasp your purpose, they can believe in you, and are more willing to invest in your cause.

Micro-brands were created to amplify outreach by way of a heartprints help guide, CincyJobSpace, and Charity Coffee. The creative, copy, strategy, print, advertising, presentations, analytics, and consulting provided has driven more than 10,000 hits a month via media, helped Board participation, volunteer and donor support (more than doubled funding and giving in the first few months alone), and generated meaningful traction for relationship building, and internal and external engagement experiences.

Beyond marketing, branding, and communications, our work has infused an energetic response around emotional interaction with constituents for getting involved, fueling their community driven positive impact work, and will help this amazing organization help others thrive. If that doesn’t get you excited, check your pulse!


heartprints inc. was born from the concept of seeking to improve opportunities in life through education. Beyond providing a hand out, their organization believed in providing support beyond survivability, and to do that – education, guidance, and awareness is key.

heartprints was doing a lot or work, in a lot of different areas. Harnessing their energy, goals, and work to a focused strategy was key. Being a young organization that appeared to be duplicating certain services needed to be addressed for a unique value proposition to creating positive impact.

Attempting to collaborate with various organizations, and in need of focus for sustainability, they were in dire need of marketing, branding, design, strategy, and communications support.


Siegel Innovations defined who they were, what they did, and what they believed. This was bolstered by a business plan, mission/vision/purpose statements, building a website, and utilizing social media to reach out and build their organization for generating the support necessary to thrive.

This entailed dissecting their organization related to their goals, the vision they had beyond survivability, how they wanted to differentiate themselves in the non-profit/cause related world, and be a comprehensive service provider. Knowing they could not do everything for everyone, we honed in on their approach which is Mentoring, Jobs, and Outreach, provided logos, design work, marketing communications, white papers, factsheets, and collateral to inspire compelling engagement with constituents.

To achieve federal and state charitable status, as well as register the necessary paperwork to legitimize heartprints inc., we connected with the Secretary of State in Ohio to register and file their name, writing their articles, bylaws, and related 501(c)(3) paperwork, and recruiting a strong Board of Directors was strategized. Charitable status was earned in nearly a year, allowing for tax exempt status to be earned. This is essential for a non-profit as it satisfies the government and companies with the credibility a charity requires to complete transactions, donations, and business.

Utilizing resources such as partnerships with the YMCA, Most Valuable Kids, and Crimson Outreach messaging and identity conveyed through social media networking, digital marketing, and creative campaigns such as “Coffee With A Cause!”, and products such as the “heartprints help guide” to build awareness and support. We solidified their work into 3 categories, “Mentoring, Jobs, and Outreach”, and inspired connection in the community, writing grants, and volunteering with these areas of expertise.

The design of logos and supplemental marketing/branding materials were created to amplify their messaging and awareness, with noticeable brand recognition to earn volunteers, and funding. We also proposed a creative campaign, the “Kindness Campaign”, and heartprints proposed that the city, state, and also federal government think about making the first day of Spring the “National Day of Kindness”, and related it to random acts of kindness through the “Kindness Campaign” for awareness and service. Support continues to be delivered related to updated design, marketing materials, copy, events, and fundraisers to drive positive results around the mission to diminish educational poverty.


We are truly inspired by the heartprints brand, efforts, and spirit to help others!” – Board of Directors, heartprints inc.

You have done so much to improve the minds, opportunities, and spirits of the children at our school. Thank you for connecting the youth and their families to positive impact work, and truly diminishing educational poverty!” – YMCA, YWCA, and site partners


Established 501(c)3 status, and necessary administrative business formation

Formed a Board of Directors with solid representation from the diverse local demographics and business community

Created dynamically compelling messaging, branding, identity, slogans, copywriting, articles, logos and design for their website, social media, print, factsheets, and outreach materials

Built micro-brands aligned to the holistic Mentoring, Jobs, and Outreach approach that included CincyJobSpace and Charity Coffee

Through marketing and branding efforts, heartprints inc. improved their capabilities, performance, and capacity to recruit, on-board, and train volunteers to mentor and tutor through a GO MENTORING leadership guide

Engaged the community and provided enhanced awareness through their heartprints help guide

Set up fundraising channels for collections, tracking, and enhanced engagement via charity approved banking, eBay (MissionFish), facebook (Causes/Network for Good), PayPal, and Guidestar accounts for trusted donation interactions

Interacted with the community through successful fundraising events (Fundraiser for the Kids), and events such as “Christmas for Community” (Westside Christmas Event), and others

Comprehensive and integrated media including web, social media, blog, tweets, facebook, linkedin, and others that generate more than 10,000 traffic hits monthly

Built the supply chain, Crimson Life partnership, and messaging, branding, and design for Charity Coffee – allowing for innovative fundraising


heartprints inc. now has a solid brand strategy, materials aligned to their vision to diminish educational poverty, and messaging necessary for outreach.

Through compelling marketing communications and materials such as flyers, one pager (Handshake), factsheet (Hello), cards, thank you’s, bookmarks, website, social media, and related were provided to better arm heartprints to motivate ‘community driven positive impact’.

Focusing on who they were, defining what they did, and how they led it differently allowed for exciting messaging and identity building that resonates with companies, businesses, organizations, and individuals to fuel support for their cause related work.

They have applied to 12 significant grants due to earning their 501(c)(3) status we assisted in writing and submitting, obtained recognizable branding through logos, website, social media, and marketing materials, and have positively impacted the lives of 10’s of thousands of youth and families. With these capabilities and tools, heartprints can continue to conquer obstacles presented to the community, earn volunteer and donor support, and uniquely differentiate themselves in the non government industry as a true game changer for youth and families.


Sourced and distributed donations to more than 1,000 local youth and families, assisting with basic needs and educational items

Mentoring/tutoring of more than1,000 youth, improving grades on an average of 10% and decreased poor behavior and demerits by 7% through mentoring and tutoring efforts

Assisted in the connectivity and obtainment of jobs and re-employment needs for more than 15,000 people

Lead social media efforts by way of the Cause page, facebook, twitter, linkedin, and blog that engages more than 8,500 people per month

Formed a partnership with the YMCA Mentoring Program to energize the Cincy After School programs together

Created a partnership with the Most Valuable Kids organization to fuel opportunities that allow youth to attend sporting, arts, and entertainment events to more than 2,500 families, schools, and kids

YWCA Volunteer Organization of the Year

Toyota 100 Cars for Good participant and finalist, as well as winner of a Community Grant




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