Case Study | KRS Fitness



A leader in the fitness industry sought to take her business to the next level. She was already leading numerous efforts around workouts, programs, classes, diet, nutrition, health, wellness, and fitness – but needed to create a brand to propel her own goals forward.


Siegel dissected her goals through various client meetings, IMMERSION, and brainstorming sessions. The end result was to create a brand stayed true to the core purpose of work, but expanded the aura and awareness of the vision our client had for her future business growth.


Our brand consultancy took a step back to absorb and digest the essence of what this health and wellness brand should become. We even went to classes, participated in training, and literally sweated for this client! What we arrived with was a brand that would allow for our client to better engage businesses and individuals, and share the opportunity to improve their health and fitness through her medium.


“I was struggling with where to take my business, and the style, approach, and intelligence at which Siegel Innovations invested into energizing my vision surpassed traditional. They WOW’d me at every turn, educated me around ways to think around my brand promise and essence, and didn’t separate my personality from the business – but infused the passion I had to improve lives into the business I sought to create.

I was impressed consistently with their capabilities, willingness to address my concerns and inquiries, and viewed my business as their own. Now I have a brand I am proud of, and others have invested in due to the services Siegel delivered. I have something I believe in for the long term, and others can now believe in me more as well.”

– Katie Siegel, Chief Fitness Officer, KRSfitness


Naming, logo, art, creative, slogans, copy, and design provided to extenuate the personality of the KRSfitness brand

Color schematic chosen from a pallet that represented strength, perseverance, nature, and fitness in a bold yet engaging manner

Print, flyers, slogans, writing, and creative infused into compelling collateral to better interact with constituents to improve their health

Strategies for growth delivered to earn clients in relevant yet diverse demographics
Client portfolio increased 45% once branding utilized, and included patrons from celebrities to businesses earned as part of increased revenue

Social Media created with collaboration between twitter, linkedin, facebook, and blog efforts to drive awareness, traffic, recognition, and brand engagement

Campaigns for inspiring people to invite fitness and the like in your life such as “Get Moving”, “An object in motion”, “Be Bold”, and “Don’t Wait”


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