Case Study | SimpliNutrition



SimpliNutrution, a health and wellness startup sharing tips, articles, advice, and ways to live your life healthier for longevity, sought to strategize ways they could generate engagement with their brand and business.


Siegel provided guidance around business strategies to succeed in market, and also tangibles necessary to create a compelling persona for their brand through dynamic deliverables.


Our team dug into the essence of the gifts and purpose SimpliNutrition sought to make impressions and drive relationship with for a positive experience through IMMERSION. We brought to life and evolved the concept our client planted a seed with and proposed and implemented various results that propelled this brand into fruition.


“Siegel Innovations was great to work with. Before we hired them, they educated us, were a big fan and advocate, and being in tune with budget, needs, and goals – they provided resourceful but high quality deliverables we more than needed. Not only did they advise on business strategies for sustainability and growth, but what the world of branding is and the importance of the art and science behind it. If you want to have a great time, strategic partner, and work with a true leader in marketing, Siegel is your go to. We have had many compliments on our mission, purpose, design, logo, and related.” – Christy Fletcher, Owner, SimpliNutrition


Brand education and implementation of ideation that infused into the purpose, promise, significance and gifts offered

Art, Design, and Copy for brand recognition and identity

Color scheme for brand that extenuated a calm, comfortable, healthy, and soothing personality

Print arriving in the form of creative business material, cards, and flyers to drive engagement through health, wellness, and nutrition in your life

Engagement strategies to drive relationship and experience

Online presence through website, blog, articles, and media

Strategic partnerships and alliances for development with local hospitals, health programs, and wellness initiatives with companies