Case Study | Xavier University



Xavier University, a private Jesuit institution located in Cincinnati, OH and consistently ranked top 25 schools by US News and Princeton Review, sought to amplify their brand engagement to alumni, students, and the general community.


Siegel dissected their vision by way of s|i’s proprietary approach, and aligned interactive methods to surpass their goals.


Social Media platforms such as facebook, linkedin, and twitter were created in tandem with micro-groups to drive connectivity and awareness, as well as discussions, comments, moderation, communications, and public relations relevant to dynamic purposes for the University were led. These efforts improved engagement, interaction, marketing, retention, recruitment, and awareness drastically.


Siegel Innovations dug into our brand, goals, and mission to deliver tremendous results for our mission to better lead efforts around new media, communications, and improve connectivity to alumni, current students, and the public. If you want to improve brand awareness, are seeking compelling creative, bring your brand alive, and discover a team that gets it, you need to meet with s|i!”. – Robert Hill, former VP of Marketing at Xavier University and Matthew Tripepi, former Director of Alumni Engagement.


Xavier University

Xavier Alumni Group
Xavier MBA and WCB Group
Xavier University facebook page
XU Mentoring
XU Community
XU Innovations
XU MBA Group
XU Alumni and Friends
XU Football


Integrated marketing communications for internal, external, campaign, fundraising, event, and athletics driving engagement with the Xavier University Brand

Messaging shared across numerous groups and channels to nearly 50,000 audience members monthly

More than 10,000 members became part of the LinkedIn groups, as well as thousands of traffic hits from SEO, events, opportunities, and discussions on the platform.

Nearly 40,000 constituents became fans of the facebook page and comments are made consistently via inviting content and analytics across all digital marketing

Twitter accounts gained thousands of followers and energized social activity and brand awareness

Xavier University leveraged the human driven branding provided and integrated our deliverables into their main website, micro-groups, MBA Program, recruiting and retention, newsletters, online marketing, print, and media

Improved volunteering, donations, fundraising, and support were positively impacted

Copy, naming, content development, design, and creative were provided for the various marketing and communications to fuel The Power of X

Insights around online activity, content driving interaction, education relevant to generating awareness, and improved marketing knowledge economy

A comprehensive game changing marketing plan aligned to XU’s vision along with weekly updates and various reports provided

Market intelligence providing ideation to propel Xavier’s brand forward through innovations such as online profiles, an Entrepreneurial and Innovation Center, real-time Case Studies with Corporations, a Xavier Business Review, Non-Profit focused initiatives, Service Days and Mentoring, Community Driven activities, mobile applications, and One Stop shop portals for various marketing channels related to the University to become “The Harvard of the Midwest”