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Once upon a time…

There were some adults who didn’t permit the world to steal their childlike curiosity and spirit. They wanted to provide meaningful work, while having fun and possibly even make some money.

When, out of nowhere,  the lemonade stand they worked for happened to be discovered to be built on popsicle sticks. Like when they were young, they dusted off their lawn mowers, removed the rust, and restarted them every time they clonked out. They did this, and joined some other rackets & pencil pushers with large erasers, but whenever they nudged the boundaries – they encountered obstacles. “How could they not reinvent the wheel, but turn it differently?”, they thought. How can they solve problems, grow business, and approach it with their gifts from a different, but relevant angle? 

It was time for a change. They were free thinking, challenged the rules & systems, and grew tired of institutional like walls that restricted the essence of their spirits. Provide strategic perspectives for growth, peppered with creative ideas, drizzled with words that struck chords, and marinated in imagery that authentically meant something.

We’re the kids who asked within institutional walls, “What’s our purpose here, and how can we make impact that matters?”. That’s when you become dangerous, in a healthy way. We were the observers in the back of the class growing up who were introverted extroverts, and through willpower – figured out how to navigate to the same goals, but of efficient quality faster. We were the ones who tinkered outside the structured setups to dabble in hobbies that fixed a problem, mattered to a passion, and maybe even collected some cash. 

You’d see us on a court, running in a field, pushing a yard tool around the neighborhood, doing dishes, serving, laying bricks, but dreaming towards more while thinking of how to get there. After such contemplation, failing forward, learning, and action aligned to our pulse & words – VERB was born. It didn’t just happen, it took many experiences, degrees, MBA’s, and jobs to see this was the platform to make a difference. God led us to this point. 

Ideas, words, art and a loving heart for making impact to others. Not too much to ask, right? Then, create a way to gather monetary reimbursement via our left and right brain’d brand art & science, and strategic marketing solutions.

VERB was created as a way to utilize our team’s gifts and talents to be of value to businesses through strategic marketing, branding, and communications. We’re still those free thinkers, innovating where we connect the ping points between the business goals, and our creative thought leadership solutions. 

Observe and fix. That’s what we do. If we were in a mafia together, we’d be the “fixers” who resourcefully take care of business. We do not condone organized crime, or mafia-like activities, a-oh, oh-a.

We enjoy listening to the challenges you’re facing, then implementing ways  that provokes progress through the marketing we deliver. Whatever has you tangled or bunched up, has gone awry, feels overwhelmingly clumpy, or gone in a caddywampus direction – we can provide clarity, and smooth out the crooked lines. 

Let’s talk! Better yet, let’s take action together. 


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Thank you for noticing us. You aren’t so bad yourself.

Feel free to utilize the contact form below to learn more about our services and capabilities. Adventure awaits!

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