faith based marketers

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We are a team of Christ followers who happen to be gifted with doing Marketing. Human driven, faith fueled. Not robot driven, but we do appreciate AI.

We seek to build His Kingdom through our work.

This doesn’t mean we posture ourselves as perfect, or that we are boring pew dwellers. We are adventurous spirits who boldly pursue a relationship with God, and this flows into the work we lead.

We are not bible thumping better than judgers. We are brave spirits who appropriately integrate our faith into business endeavors. It’s personal, it’s business.

This fuels our bold courage. We operate with our values in a way that our marketing work is led with the essence of what we feel God is calling us to.

We won’t show up to a pitch with a baptismal pool, but  we may just pivot you beyond business, or invite you to pray. The water fountain may have holy water we could sprinkle you with on our way out. Bless you.

If you don’t have water fountains, you’re violating code 1200 people. Okay, that’s not a standard code for fountains in a workplace, it’s the secret password to enter the tee-pee of our founder’s 5 year old. This is a true story, and code – but not for OSHAA.

We are more passionate about our faith than a drive-thru attendant saying “My pleasure” at Chick-Fil-A. Being relevant to us is more than making money, it’s making an impact while also reaping rewards.

Through our faith, marketing knowledge economy, and beasty creative skills – we will take you to the next level whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, or meat lover who appreciates organic, gluten free, artisian, hand-crafted, premium, free-range, non-GMO what-cha-ma-call-it (best candy bar ever by the way).

I ran across a downed tree at Fort Fisher, North Carolina and love the message written on it.