human driven branding

VERB is for the builders, makers, dreamers, and doers. We are all about human-to-human (H2H) interaction.

Our energy is driven by people & ideas, and fueled by our faith, business expertise, and thought leadership.

As humans, and like with business endeavors – we stumble. Our marketing craftsmanship eliminates confusion. When times are clumsy – we fortify your business like walking next to you in a 3-legged race at a 25 yr family reunion. You’re going down Aunt Edna!

We define brand voice, personality & identity by building into your reputation with simple clarity. We do so by making declarations around the emotional associations to your brand through verbal identity, and visual connections that sparks relationships.

Through this crafted identity, we deliver a reputation that captures the essence & purpose of why you exist. The story of your gifts are then brought alive through proven tactics that advance your business. This is achieved through our “dig” approach, and IMMERSION process. We like immersion better, disruption can be annoying. It’s trendy, like a hipster with a mustache, lumberjack shirt, man-bun & skinny jeans. We’re doing something newer. Plus, we invented it. So cool #humblebrag.

We care. Like a lot. We also cringe when people say “like” too much when talking. Like anyway, back to us and our caring. We care more than you wanting mosquito spray in the middle of the jungle in your tent while humid, and the media feared you with good reason about zika. Little things matter. We care because, like, hey – we all have bills to pay hu-man. That, and your legacy matters.

Think whimsy without the tutu, because jeans are more comfortable. We have suits, but they are at the dry cleaner still, who’s picking them up?